Compare object-oriented and traditional structured approaches for modeling and designing systems.

Discussion 9
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Both object-oriented software development and Web services are very important to the changes and advancements in building information systems because they contribute significantly to faster, easier programming. Web services enable firms to obtain software application components delivered over the Internet for building new systems or integrating existing systems. Web services provide a common set of standards that enable organizations to link their systems regardless of their technology platform through standard plug-and-play architecture.
Businesses today are often required to build e-commerce and e-business applications very rapidly to remain competitive. New systems are likely to have more interorganizational requirements and processes than in the past. Companies are turning to rapid application design, joint application design (JAD), and reusable software components to improve the systems development process. Rapid application development (RAD) uses object-oriented software, visual programming, prototyping, and fourth-generation tools for very rapid creation of systems. Component-based development expedites application development by grouping objects into suites of software components that can be combined to create large-scale business applications.
In sum, new methods of developing systems are continually being introduced. These new technologies, rapid application development, joint application development, component-based development, web services, and CASE tools are reducing the time, effort, and cost for businesses and organizations of supplying employees, customers, and suppliers with the information they need.

Discussion Questions
1. Compare object-oriented and traditional structured approaches for modeling and designing systems.
2. Discuss how the Internet and the Web impact information systems development.
3. Describe how emerging cloud computing technologies hold great promise for system developers.
4. Discuss the benefits of CASE tools in information systems development.

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