Why do so many information system projects fail?

Discussion 10
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Why do so many information system projects fail? Was it because the system wasn’t built correctly or was it really how the project was managed or mismanaged that caused the failure? Review the basic principles of project management introduced in Course Unit 14. The challenge in many information systems projects is that it takes too long to build the systems and they often do not work as intended. Indeed, building systems is difficult and labor intensive. Change certainly should be considered throughout the entire process. The user-designer communication gap is a good example of a common problem that can cause an information systems project to fail.
The summary is that often it’s not the features of a new system itself that causes implementation problems but rather the lack of proper management of the process. By understanding and managing the challenges of user involvement and influence, management support and commitment, level of complexity and risk, and the quality of project management, you can help make implementation a success.

Discussion Questions
1. Explain the difference between tangible and intangible benefits. Identify some examples of tangible benefits and intangible benefits.
2. Discuss the major components of an information systems plan.
3. Explain the importance of implementation for managing the organizational change surrounding a new information system.
4. Define the user-designer communication gap and explain the kinds of implementation problems it creates.
5. Discuss the factors that influence project risk and describe strategies for minimizing project risks.

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