Overview of Internetworking PriceLo Malls Inc Task 1

MN503 Overview of Internetworking PriceLo Malls Inc Task 1
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Case Study

You are employed as a Network Engineer by a leading shopping mall Mega company called PriceLo malls Inc. The company has branches of their malls spread in 5 major cities of Australia- Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Each of these cities on an average has 10 PriceLo malls. Furthermore, PriceLo malls are also in USA, South Asia and Canada. You are required to design a network from scratch for their recently constructed PriceLo Mall branch in North Melbourne, The network coverage should be there for both wired and wireless network inside the mall. The mall in North Melbourne has 4 floors with 3 food courts. Each food court can accommodate up to a maximum of 500 customers.

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PriceLo mall expects to have 4000 customers in their North Melbourne Mega mall and 500 staff. The 500 staff will be employed in the 5 departments of the North Melbourne mall namely IT- 70 staff, Human Resources- 50 staff, Sales- 100, Engineering-80 staff and

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Security-200 staff. Each of these departments should be on a different subnet for confidentiality of information transfer.

The customers are technology savvy and want to be able to use their laptops or iPad or any other communication gadget on either the wireless or wired network available within the mall. For the wired network the mall proposes to have connection ports available on the tables of the food court area where the customers can sit down and enjoy food as well as get connected to the wired or wireless network. The speed of the connection offered to the customers needs to be based on the amount of money the customers have spent on their purchase in the mall. The management has currently planned for three speeds – 100kb/s – 400 kb/s if no purchases are made, 1 Mbps if purchase of over 10 $ are made and speed of 3-5 Mbps if purchase of above 40$ is made.

A challenge is finding the right solutions to best facilitate ease of deployment and limit disruption of service whenever the network needs to be upgraded.

In addition to the obvious hazards of having anyone and any communication gadget connect to the network, another big issue is being able to capture important information about the network users accessing the campus network. For example, it is important to identify users who might be doing something inappropriate using network resources. All customers before they start using the PriceLo malls network are required to accept the terms and conditions of the network usage policy of the mall. If someone violates a policy, such as downloading inappropriate material, the IT team needs a way to identify the customer location in the mall, so that they can be fined by the malls security personnel.

Authentication of the genuine customers of the mall is also necessary before they can use the malls wired or wireless network. A method for a secure authentication mechanism for approved users and devices attempting to connect to the network is another key challenge.

As part of the wireless network deployment you need to also to find out how to provide hotspots in the mall by using a suitable Wireless LAN technology by taking into consideration the RF propagation characteristics. Some of the hotspots are to provide Open access authentication while others need to provide shared key authentication to customers who pay a fee.

LoPrice mall is on a tight schedule and budget so you need to quickly create a detailed design of the network for their North Melbourne mall. PriceLo malls business productivity is very important so it also wants to make sure that the network downtime is not more than 0.04%.

PriceLo malls will provides online training over the Internet to its staff within Australia from its headquarters based in Sydney and all the training material will be made available online on its webservers. As the training material is very confidential in nature so the webservers need to be provided with a secure or a protected network. The North Melbourne mall of PriceLo also wants to have desktop screen sharing and online meeting facility which will allow the staff in different branches to securely collaborate to develop, deliver and improve the customer quality in its malls. This will reduce time and money spent in quick sharing of ideas and IT technology and the cost of travelling. In particular each branch office will have high quality digital video conferencing systems and secure remote desktop sharing facilities with a WAN to support it.

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Another key challenge is to create the above required network with as low cost as possible but it should still be as per the principles of the top down network design.

Note: You will need to undertake a serious literature research on the networking equipment vendors, cost of their equipment that you plan to purchase, network security considerations, top down design, testing methods and any issues that may arise. You are allowed to make assumptions for the network design as long as you can justify them.


In a group of 2-3 students, you are to design the network and create diagrams using a good drawing program and submit a report based on the above case study.

You have to submit a group report and specify each individual group member’s contribution on the front page.

Submission Guideline: Your assignment should be completed according to the General Guidelines for Presentation of Academic Work. 1. Write a report based on the above Case study to address the following parts to demonstrate critical-thinking abilities: a. Top-down design: How would you carry out the process of top-down network design for the network in the above Case study. What possible disadvantages could arise if a structured design approach is not followed?

Characterise the internetwork and network traffic in the designed network: Why is it necessary to estimate the amount of network traffic in the designed network? Explain with the help of research the process of estimating the average expected traffic in the PriceLo North Melbourne network. Also, research the different types of traffic flows expected to be present in the overall network of PriceLo mall.
Network Design with security proposal: Network security is a major consideration that needs to be taken into account in the design. Research and explain technically the choices that you make to implement security in the wired as well as the wireless parts of the North Melbourne branch of PriceLo mall network.
Also, you need to critically review the case study and propose both the logical network design and physical network design. This section should have detailed diagrams on the layout of the overall network. Clearly show the building floors, the cabling layout, the devices and their location. Your design should also include detailed IP subnetworking and

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address allocations, design issues, and routing protocols selected for the proposal. The diagrams should be accompanied by a description of how it all comes together and works.

How would you carry out a performance study of your designed network?

Network applications: What are the expected applications to be used in the company’s network and the user communities? How will this information be helpful in the network design? Your report should document the system requirements for these applications and if the system will meet the requirements or not. If not, then what is proposed solution? You should also prepare a table showing the name and type of the applications, their criticality and other necessary comments.
Network Devices: Research the physical devices to be used based in your logical network design. Include the manufacturer and the model number. Explain the reason for selecting the network devices. You should also clearly state and show in diagram(s) where you would place the devices.
Cabling: The proposals should clearly explain the type of cabling you plan to use. Make sure that you consider; media types, distances, numbers of switches, locations, network architectures involved, transmission speeds, cabling changes, and so forth.
Costing: This should contain a summary of the costs researched of hardware and software that this design would require the client to purchase.
Test plan: This section should contain your plan for testing your network design. Details for testing of a prototype and scenarios considered should be provided.
Is your design good?: You need to provide suitable technical reasons to convince PriceLo mall management that the network that you have designed is good.
Demo-Using NetSim to create a short demo for the interconnection between two VLANs across a Router in a branch network of PriceLo’s North Melbourne branch.. The demo will include Viva voce (Oral questions).
Accompanying documentation including a. A front page – indicating your name, b. Executive summary with a statement of what has been completed. c. Acknowledgement of the names of all people (including other students and people outside of the university) who have assisted you. d. Table of contents and page numbers e. Detailed report on the proposed solution f. List of references used (IEEE style) – please specify if none have been used. g. Conclusion
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Appendices: should contain any details pertaining to the understanding of the report, but not meant to be inside the main body of the report and detailed diagrams displaying sections of the network i. Glossary: this section should explain the technical terms / phrases / words/abbreviations.


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