Health issues around food

Health issues around food
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Topic is :
• Health issues around food? Choose a particular food, or economic or spatial problem
Please write a paper of 8-10 pages, 1.5 spaced (no extra-large fonts please, or super-wide margins!). Write on a food-related topic that interests you. Some choose to develop a topic they are working on independently, which is fine so long as it relates to food issues. Be guided by the syllabus and readings. Ask key questions appropriate for this class:

–What does your topic illustrate about some kind of food system?
–What are the implications for public health and wellbeing; environmental preservation?
–What does your topic bring that’s new to studies of food systems and food security?

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Your discussion may be very negative, such as research into the global modification of native seeds as is occurring today. That’s fine, the above questions still apply. Maps, photos and other images are helpful, particularly with unfamiliar contexts.

–Relate your writing to prevailing research. What is the discussion out there, what are the broader issues, why is this all important?
–Always reference your work. Remember, whenever you quote or base your ideas on the work of others, you must document your source. If a reading contributes to your arguments in the paper, give the authors credit.
–Be very careful to describe the context of what you are writing about. Where, when? It often helps to provide dates, particularly if you are discussing some social change or the launching of a new system. When did these occur? Also, “where?” It helps to provide spatial and geographic information. Don’t assume your reader knows what you’re talking about. Give your reader some idea of how widespread a phenomenon or practice is occurring: is it confined to the U.S. for instance, or widespread?


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