Environmentally Sustainable Animal Practices within a household

Environmentally Sustainable Animal Practices within a household
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Report content:

Write a report that covers the information listed below.

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The report, where applicable, should include headings, a table of contents and a references page.

A veterinary workplace:
Briefly describe your workplace. Include information about the main activities that occur there,
Provide your opinion on the current workplace practices in regard to environmental sustainability. Explain your reasons for saying so,
Explain how your workplace links making environmental improvements with a formal Quality Management System (or any informal systems in place).
Resource usage:
List 3 different resources used within your workplace. Then, for each of these:
Explain how the use of these resources is currently measured,
Explain from where these resources are purchased,
Record the resource use over a period of time e.g. 1 month.
Show the trends for the use of these resources (for example, is use increasing, decreasing, steady, etc.) and explain the reasons for such trends.
Note; some of this data may be recorded on spreadsheets and charts used to show the trends. The spreadsheet can either be included in the report, or attached as an appendix to the report.

Efficiency targets:
Outline what targets should be set for the efficient use of the resources listed above,
Outline why these are ‘SMART’ targets,
Explain when this target should be reached,
Explain who needs to be involved in discussions about setting any targets,

Implementation strategies:
For each target, outline the strategies that will help the workplace reach the target,
List the tools and techniques that will be used in implementing these strategies,
Explain how you intend to monitor the progress of the strategies.
Working with others:
Discuss the communication skills you will use to share information about how to reach the targets with others in the workplace,
Explain how you will seek suggestions and advice from others about improving work practices,
Explain how you keep up to date with internal/external information that may impact on the processes involved in reaching the targets,

Monitor & review
After a period of time has elapsed and the strategies above have been implemented, add a section to your report that covers the following:

Evaluate the strategies used, outlining whether the intended outcomes were achieved, and reasons why/why not.
Discuss what further targets/strategies could now be used to make further improvements to workplace practices
Summarise what you learnt from the process of setting targets and reaching them (or not reaching them as the case may be)?


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