Financial analysis for the last reported fiscal year

Strategic Management
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A thorough discussion of stakeholders, organizational structure, organizational culture, and communication/decision making among managers within human resources, marketing production, operations, finance and accounting, R&D, and computer information systems
2. Thoroughly explanation of QSPM in terms of overall analysis.
3. Add two alternative strategies (5 total) use textbook to cite here; and discuss cultural factors and prioritize selections 1,2,3,4,5
4. Recommendation for the best strategy among alternatives strategies is thoroughly discussed. The selected strategy(ies) aligns with all elements of the SM process.

Financial analysis for the last reported fiscal year:
Use the company’s income statement and balance sheet to calculate key, but no less than 10 key financial ratios to the business. There must be a mix of the different ratios so that the ratios do not all come from the same category. Show the calculations.

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Using Excel or a Word table, record key financial ratios in the first column;

Research the industry average financial ratios for the same ratios above and record in a second column. If you cannot find an industry average, then select another ratio;
In the third column, indicate whether the financial ratio is a strength, a weakness or a neutral factor.
Explain the results and compare and contrast the company financials to the industry.


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