Discuss how writing an e-business plan differs from writing a traditional business plan.

Week 7
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part 1- APA Format- 400 words-4 References

After completing your assigned readings, summarize Earned Value Management (EVM). Share EVM experiences you have in your projects or organizations with the class. If you don’t have EVM experiences, can EVM be applied to your projects or your organization? Make sure to cite all sources of your information.

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Part 2- APA Format- 300 Words- 4 References

Discuss how writing an e-business plan differs from writing a traditional business plan. Discuss the pros and cons of an e-business plan.

Part 3- APA Format- 200 Words- 2 References- I’m Group B

You have been divided into two groups. For this forum, Group A (Last name A-H) will assume the role of an individual who supported the American Revolution (a Patriot or Whig), while Group B (Last name I-Z) will argue against it as Loyalist or Tory citizens.
Loyalist James Chalmers, under the pseudonym of Candidus, wrote Plain Truth in response to Thomas Paine’s famous pamphlet Common Sense. You can click on the enclosed link to read Thomas Paine at Gutenberg Project. Then read the excerpted text from Chalmers below, shaping your statement in support or in opposition to Chalmer’s argument.
Your submission should be a minimum of 200 words in length. Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the colonies in the period up to, and including, the American Revolution. You could be a Colonial politician, a merchant, a farmer, a shop owner, or even a Southern plantation owner. Be creative.
“I have just heard the news of a small group of ruffians who have dumped a large amount of tea into the Boston Harbor. The initial report was that this group was a roving band of Indians. I refuse to be influenced by the underground rebellious press that continues to feed us with false reports and slanted view points that support a rebellion against the Crown. I and many loyal Colonists have found the truth to this report. The ruffians were actually a group of men , most of them are associated with the secret societv of Masons. The event demonstrates a useless destruction of property against the East India Company. I am writing to inform you that the tea which was destroyed was sent to the Colonies to be sold at a very competitive price as the East India Tea Company has a surplus of tea. King George has authorized the sale of this tea to benefit the Colonies. This tea would have also helped the financial state of the East India Tea Company of which we certainly hope would stay solvent. We have also found information alluding to the tea smuggling operations of John Hancock and other of the rebellion supporters. Could it be that the tea in Boston Harbor was destroyed to prevent competitive pricing of tea? (are we merely changing tax collectors?) Why do we continue to anger King George by useless acts of property damage?
I urge you all to consider the price we would pay for rebellion against the Crown. Some of our Colonists call this revolution but you must realize that this is a huge mistake, any actions against the Crown represent a mere rebellion.[1]
[1] Excerpt taken from: Drake, Allison Stark. Headlines From History: The Boston Massacre
Five Colonists Killed By British Soldiers. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 2001

Part 4- APA Format- 250 Words- 3 References- Choose one of the questions

Choose one of the following questions to answer this week. Be detailed and be sure to cite your sources. You will respond to three other student postings by Sunday.
1) Why did Pericles promote Athens as the ideal Classical polis and encourage the innovations of philosophers, architects, and artists? How did the Classical ideals of humanism, realism, and idealism influence Athenian society? Why do you think that these ideals were not accepted as readily in places such as Sparta?
2) Discuss the political systems of Athens and Sparta. Why was there such a wide difference between the two city-states? How did the treatment of women differ between Athens and Sparta? Which do you believe gave their citizens more freedom and participation in government?
3)What was the reasoning behind the Punic Wars? How did these wars change Roman society and colonization? Why are these wars seen as a pivotal turning point in Roman development?
4) What events influenced the change from the Late Republic Period to the beginning of the Imperial Period? Why do you think Romans were so willing to accept the drastic change from the traditional republic to a principate under Augustus?

5) What events led to the weakening of the Roman state? How did Diocletian and Constantine try to address the problems that threatened to destabilize Rome? Why do you think the reforms were not able to prevent the eventual downfall of Rome?
6) How did Christianity spread out of the province of Judea? Why was this religion able to gain increased footing in Rome’s citizenry? How did Rome change with the acceptance of Christianity as a religion in Rome?


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