Describe the problem-solving steps for building a new system.

Discussion 7
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The steps in the problem solving process include: define and understand the problem; develop alternative solutions; choose the best solution; implement the solution. Often, organizations believe they know exactly what problem they want to solve so they fail to fully work through the first step. Unfortunately, they end up trying to solve the wrong problem. Other times, the problem an organization defines may not address all three components of an information system – people, organizations, and technology.
Discussion Questions:
1. Describe the problem-solving steps for building a new system.
2. Define information requirements and explain why they are important for developing a system solution.
3. Discuss the various types of design specifications required for a new information system.
4. Explain why the testing stage of systems development is so important. Name and describe the three stages of testing for an information system.
5. Describe the roles of documentation, conversion, production, and maintenance in systems development


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