Classify the following vulnerabilities using the RISOS model.

Information Technology Capstone
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Information Assurance Capstone

You will not have to submit your paper through Turnitin. However, each problem must have reference(s) and if you decide to use the Bishop textbook as one (1) of your reference: you must identify the Chapter and page # of your reference. You will not be allowed to reference Chapter 24 for example without a page # associated with it. When I am grading your paper, I plan on checking out all your references since we will not be using Turnitin for this specific case. Lack of references or incorrect references/problem will result in a failure in your paper.

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(20 pts.) Chapter 23 (pgs. 685-687) –Problem#1

Question: Classify the following vulnerabilities using the RISOS model. Assume that the classification is for the implementation level. Justify your answer:

a. The presence of the “wiz” command in the sendmail program (Section 23.2.8).
b. The failure to handle the IFS shell variable by loadmodule (see Section 23.2.8)
c. The failure to select an Administrator password that was difficult to guess (see Section 23.2.9)
d. The failure of the Burroughs system to detect offline changes to files (see Section 23.2.6)


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