A common error on UNIX systems

Information Technology Capstone
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Information Assurance Capstone

You will not have to submit your paper through Turnitin. However, each problem must have reference(s) and if you decide to use the Bishop textbook as one (1) of your reference: you must identify the Chapter and page # of your reference. You will not be allowed to reference Chapter 24 for example without a page # associated with it. When I am grading your paper, I plan on checking out all your references since we will not be using Turnitin for this specific case. Lack of references or incorrect references/problem will result in a failure in your paper.

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(15 pts.) Chapter 23 (pgs. 685-687) –Problem#4

Question: A common error on UNIX systems occurs during the configuration of bind, a directory name server. The time-to-expire field is set at 0.5 because the administrator believes that this field’s unit is minutes (and wishes to set the time to 30 seconds). However, bind expects the field to be in seconds and reads the value as 0—–meaning that no that is ever expired.

a. Classify this vulnerability using the RISOS model, and justify your answer.
b. Classify this vulnerability using the PA model, and justify your answer.
c. Classify this vulnerability using Aslam’s model, and justify your answer.


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