Acceptable Use Policy & Security Audit

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Assignment #7: Acceptable Use Policy & Security Audit
Apply the standards for fair, responsible and acceptable use of information technology (e.g., computer systems, network, etc.) to your environment
Perform a security audit of your own computer.
Part I: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Brief narrative covering the following topics (at a minimum) as it applies to your technology environment (e.g., digital device, network, data, etc.):

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Scope (to whom the AUP applies)
The “owner” of the AUP (who is authorized to make changes to the policy)
Why have a policy / Intent of the policy / Purpose of the policy
Required conduct (behavior)
Unacceptable conduct (behavior)
Consequences / Sanctions for violations of the AUP
Sample AUP: (a Google search for “acceptable use policy template” or “acceptable use policy samples” will link to may more examples). ISU’s AUP:

Part II: Security Audit

Perform a security audit of your computer.

Are critical OS updates available?
Are critical application updates for one or two of your core applications available?
Note: MS Office is updated with Windows update
Is anti-virus software installed and up to date?
Are there user accounts for each person using the computer?
Are user accounts password protected?
Evaluate the security level of all user accounts. Are those listed as an “administrator” acceptable to you?
Is the firewall enabled?
Is the screen saver configured? Does the screen saver require a password to clear it?
Are all your passwords (computer system and online) considered “strong?”
Create a table in MS Word (three columns). List the items above in the first column (each major bullet point is a row/cell). Use the 2nd column to answer the question in the 1st column. Use the third column to describe any action items to be taken after the semester ends (I’m not expecting you take actions now but this will serve as a reminder to do so as soon as possible after the semester ends). However, I recommend you consider addressing any critical security updates as soon as possible.

Note: Be sure you have a good external backup of important files before performing the security audit!


Submit one MS Word Document via MoodleISU that contains your answers to Part I and Part II.

Please remember to:

Insert a page break between part I and part II
Run spell and grammar checker
Use complete sentences
Points will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors.
Only place your full name in the top left corner of each page (no need to put the date, time, my name, the name of the class, etc. – just your name)


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