What are cryptography and cryptanalysis?

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What are cryptography and cryptanalysis?
What were some of the first uses of cryptography?
What is a key, and what is it used for?
What are the three basic operations in cryptography?
What is a hash function, and what can it be used for?
Why is it important to exchange keys out of band in symmetric encryption?
What is the fundamental difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?
How does Public-Key Infrastructure protect information assets?
What are the six components of PKI?
What is the difference between digital signatures and digital certificates?
What drawbacks to symmetric and asymmetric encryption are resolved by using a hybrid method like Diffie-Hellman?
What is steganography, and what can it be used for?
Which security protocols are predominantly used in Web-based electronic commerce?
Which security protocols are used to protect e-mail?
IPSec can be used in two modes. What are they?
Which kind of attack on cryptosystems involves using a collection of pre-identified terms? Which kind of attack involves sequential guessing of all possible key combinations?
If you were setting up an encryption-based network, what size key would you choose and why?
What is the average key size of a strong encryption system in use today?
What is the standard for encryption currently recommended by NIST?
What is the most popular symmetric encryption system used over the Web? The most popular asymmetric system? Hybrid system?


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