write an essay on the transport and transformation of benzene within the environment

The Transport and Transformation section of your term project will identify and analyze key mechanisms related to mobility (transport) and reactivity (transformation). Contaminant transport can occur within any one of the domains (intra-domain) or across various domains (inter-domain). Transformation of the contaminant is the result of contaminant-environment interactions and depends on both contaminant and environmental media properties. Material covered in Modules 5 and 6 is highly relevant to this section. Use this journal to reflect on key aspects of the contaminant’s transport and transformation.

In an approximately 500-word entry, respond to the following:

  1. Identify and comment on the principal intra-domain transport mechanisms for your contaminant. Your Occurrence data and journal entry maybe useful here.
  2. Identify and comment on principal inter-domain transport possibilities for your contaminant. Think of the media and interphases involved here (air-water, water-soil, etc.). Think of how the material you learned in Modules 3 and 4 can help you assess contaminant presence in various interphases.
  3. Identify and comment on possible reactions taking place between your contaminant and other omnipresent reactants (e.g. water, oxygen, sunlight etc.).

Attached within are my previous essays building up to this point. Also included is my group member post on the topic that already includes occurrence data (sections 4,5 &6) that can be used along with additional resources that can be used for the paper. This essay will then be added as my portion of my group project so I need a great paper.


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