write a report, based on these diagrams, of your recommendations of what needs to change and how to lead the changes

Leading Change
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to understand a real organisation, and to use

the diagramming techniques to

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(i) present the complexity of its current processes and challenges

(ii) visualise what a changed organisation might look like in the future

(iii) write a report, based on these diagrams, of your recommendations of what needs to

change and how to lead the changes

HRM3050 Module Leading Change, 2nd Assignment

Task 1 Business Research

You must choose one organisation that is currently going through a recognised change process in

any of the following areas: business strategy, leadership, culture or organisational practice.

The organisation can be from within the public, private sector or voluntary sector in any country.

TIP/GUIDANCE: Choose an organisation that publishes information on its strategy, internal

processes, market/sector trends and potential challenges e.g. LSE (London Stock Exchange)

companies are legally required to publish Annual Reports. These are usually found o the ‘Company

Information’ page under the tab ‘Investor Relations’.

NHS Trusts publish similar annual reports and strategy documents, as do charities.

Task 2 Systems Diagramming

Using data and information extracted from your research sources produce the each of the following


A) 2 Systems Maps (present state and future state/vision)
B) Force Field diagram
C) Multiple Cause diagram
D) Business Process Mapping
TIP/Guidance: Decide how you wish to create each of these diagrams i.e. to help you capture and

visualise the ‘current system state’, to highlight what elements of the system need to be changed or

to represent the ‘vision of the organisation in its future state, after the change.

Task 3 Management Report

Analyse your diagrams and choose ONE key (significant) change and, based on your diagrams,

prepare a 2000 word management report for the organisation that

(i) critically evaluates the potential impact of the change on key stakeholders and

(ii) makes recommendations as to how to support these stakeholders through the


TIP/Guidance: Ensure that you make clear links between your diagrams to your recommendations

Remember: Formatting, structure, referencing of sources, especially web sources


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