Windshield Survey

Windshield Survey
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Assignment 1: Windshield Survey


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Windshield Survey

This assignment assesses intended course outcome(s):

Apply the nursing process and evidence-based practice to accurately assess family and community health systems across the lifespan.

Apply systematic research practices to identify family and community health system needs.

4 Discuss the multi-dimensional role of the community health nurse in risk reduction and health promotion

A Windshield Survey gives an objective overview of a community. Information obtained from this exercise can be used to identify a community’s strengths and weaknesses. These direct observations allow one to better understand the environment in which individuals live and interact. This information can help us better understand the health status of the individuals within the community and the community as a whole. You will drive around a predetermined community and gather information about various aspects of the community (see Windshield Survey Tool). You will need to determine the most appropriate time to gather information. For example, if you travel around the community on a weekday morning and this is a commuter community you may not see anyone outside. You may want to divide your time and make several short trips to obtain a better perspective. Try to document what you see as soon as possible after your trip. Avoid preconceived ideas about the community and record what you observe; strive to remain objective. Be sure to map out your planned route beforehand. You can use a mini recorder to take audio notes or even a camera for pictures. Be sure to select a community you are able to visit in a reasonable amount of time. After completing the windshield survey, you should obtain biostatistics and demographic statistics from the resources provided in the online classroom. You may elect to interview individuals within the community, as well. It should take no more than two hours to conduct the windshield survey, and another two hours to obtain demographic data on the area.


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