Will cloud storage make hard disks as antiquated as floppy disks have become? Why?

Chapter 8 Assignment Pt 1&2
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In 1998, Apple Computer’s iMac shocked traditionalists. The new computer’s translucent case and distinctive shape alone made it unlike conventional desktop computers, but perhaps its most controversial feature was the absence of a 3½-inch floppy disk drive. Steve Jobs, acting CEO of Apple Computer, claimed Apple was “leading the way” by abandoning an outmoded and superfluous technology. Will cloud storage make hard disks as antiquated as floppy disks have become? Why?
For more than 10 years, intelligent smart cards incorporating tiny chips have been in use throughout Europe. The United States has adopted the use of this technology recently, and the trend is continuing. Smart card technology offers the potential for improving security on the Internet and enhancing the security of networked systems by verifying user identification. Acting like a computer, it can hold and update sensitive and critical data, such as medical history, and could replace identification cards and other records. The market indicates that this technology will play an important role in contemporary life. Before the smart card becomes mainstream, however, roadblocks to its successful implementation must be overcome. Many experts argue that the smart card is not secure and safe enough to store vital information. This always has been a source of controversy. Why have smart cards been more popular in Europe than in the United States? Do you think the average American is willing to store his or her medical or personal information on an intelligent smart card? Would you? What misconceptions affect the way American society perceives the use of this technology? Is security the main issue in acceptance of the smart card?

National Geographic released the entire history of the magazine — 109 years worth of issues — on four DVDs. The DVDs also include the magazine’s television specials. The discs are completely indexed, so users can find particular issues, special articles (or even specific advertisements), or articles on certain topics. The National Gallery in Washington, D.C., the nation’s premier art museum, also has stored its entire collection on optical disc. Is this the beginning of a trend? What other organizations or institutions would benefit from using optical disc technology to catalog their history or holdings? Why? What, if any, advantages might seeing an original work have over viewing a representation on optical disc?

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Storage Device Security

Permanently destroying files on storage media is recommended when donating or selling a computer. Federal laws have imposed strict requirements and penalties for data security, particularly regarding health and insurance records and credit transactions. While procedures exist to restore deleted files or erased media, often companies and individuals truly desire that the data never can be recovered. Sensitive medical and financial information, in particular, should be erased so that savvy criminals and digital forensics examiners cannot recover deleted files. The U.S. Department of Defense and the National Security Agency set standards for sanitizing magnetic media and specify that degaussing, or demagnetizing, is the preferred method in lieu of permanently destroying the storage medium.

Research This: What types of degaussers are available? How do they wipe a drive’s contents? How are Gauss and Oersted ratings applied? What length of time is required to degauss a drive? Some companies offer degaussing services. What procedures do they use to ensure secure practices?

Complete all tasks and answer all questions. Be sure your submission is grammar and spell-checked, and is composed of complete sentences.


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