What is nursing?

YOUR personal nursing philosophy on the nursing paradigm. It’s not a research paper. It’s what YOU think nursing is. this assignment will represent your beginning ideas. They’re YOUR ideas, so you should use phrases or words that indicate that, “I believe”, “I think”, “to me” You’ll have to address the overall nursing metaparadigm, discussing each of the 4 interwoven concepts: person, environment, health, and nursing. Remember there is on overarching nursing metaparadigm with 4 interrelated concepts. Your philosophy is what guides you, whether you realize tor no. Beliefs guide behavior. You see what you believe. Your philosophy will determine you nursing care, your degree of commitment, your dedication to advocacy, your ethics, you holism, etc. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re aware of your beliefs, especially since you’ve chosen nursing as your major for whatever reason. Who/What do you think a person is? a body? a mind? spirit? something(s) else? something less? something more?an integrated interrelationship of all? Is a person a patient, dependent on you or a client who is the expert on her/his own life and director of his/her health care team? What is health? Is it an overarching term that encompasses wellness & illness? or is it a synonym for maximum wellness? What is wellness? Illness? how do you know if health is present? absent? What is environment? What comprises ir? Is it only external? or is it internal as well? are we part of each other’s environment Where do you end and we begin? What is nursing? What makes a nurse? What are nurse’s roles? e.g. advocate, protector, change agent, provider, caregiver, comforter, care manager, planner, coordinator, educator, teacher, etc. What do nurses d? Do they only care for sick people or do nurses also care for well spell people? do nurses, perhaps, help people help themselves? Condor how you can “nurse” with intentions, aim for the highest and the best in order to provide safe, holistic, culturally competent care Think about health promotion, protection, restoration What aout holism? What is it? to what/Whom does it pertain? Does it apply to each go the metaparadigm concepts? Where does culture fir in all of this? Throughout? not at all?


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