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This assessment examines areas such as: What are the key characteristics of Community Service Organisations (C- SOs)?; What is the distinction between a CSO (located within the NFP/Third Sector area) against the other two sectors (1st sector: Public/Government & 2nd sector: Private/Business)?; How are the key characteristics of CSOs reflected in organisational ’governance’, and ’approach’?∗∗
This assignment is about the nature of Community Service Organisations and their role in the community sector. In addressing this task, you should think about where CSOs are placed; what kinds of challenges and opportunities they face; how do the characteristics within them impact on the role of the Board (’Governance’), and devising and implementing these characteristics via Management (’Approach’)?
Note ∗: For the purposes of this Unit, the term ’Community Service Organisations’ (CSOs) denotes small-medium organisations within the broader ’Not-for-Profit’ (NFP) segment of the ’Third Sector’. CSOs are NFPs that are: a) smaller in terms of size; b) typically active in the broad ’Human Services’ (i.e. health, welfare, education/training, housing/accommodation, community development, community Legal Center etc).

  1. Provide a definition of what a CSO is. Then, provide a contrast of this sector against the other sectors (Public/Government) and Private/Business)? Provide examples in each area to illustrate.
  2. What are some of the challenges and/or opportunities unique to CSOs? Choose three (3) characteristics and discuss.
  3. Take one of the examples from point 2 and elaborate on how this impacts on both ’Governance’ (Board) and ’Approach’ (Management).

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