respond to two math discussion posts

1) Although I am not great with the math concepts, consumer mathematics is the most beneficial concept/skill of the entire course. Consumer math dealt with simple interest, compound interest, annuities, mortgages, and car payments. In life we will encounter each of these financial situations. They are unavoidable. Even though I may struggle with the formulas, it is beneficial to know how the various payments are being calculated. Knowledge of consumer math allows an individual to become proactive with the choices being made with their personal finance. The average individual enters into a credit card agreement without having a clear understanding of the monthly payment agreement. Consumer mathematics is the most useful because it involves your life on a daily basis.

2) The skill that I have found the most useful and that I will defiantly use often is finding the percentage of the total cost of an item. I may use some of the other consumer math topics a few times, but I have already found that knowing how to find the percent off of the total cost of an item has come in handy several times since I have started this class. I can even do the calculations rather quickly now. I also can compare whether a coupon I have or a sale price is more cost effective. I enjoy having this knowledge and sharing it with my kids as we go through the store. They cannot understand the math completely, but we can discuss why we want to buy the cheaper options in the store.


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