Research, design and analyse a novel Mobile Secure Backup System that uses Android Smartphones to protect sensitive information.

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CNET346 – Assignment 2015

Designing a Mobile Secure Backup System for Android Smartphones

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To improve your understanding and application of mobile security and the implications of the associated technology tied to a specific design problem.
Research to be conducted utilising traditional sources (books, journals, articles etc.) as well as the Internet.
This assignment is worth 60% of the module mark.
Production of an individual report of no more than 2,200 words.


Research, design and analyse a novel Mobile Secure Backup System that uses Android Smartphones to protect sensitive information.
Take the mini-project as an opportunity to explore the existing problems and solutions.
The assignment will assess both your understanding of the technology and your ability to apply the knowledge in a meaningful fashion to a specific design problem.


As in any computing system mobile systems need to be backed up periodically. Since their mobility can generate a security problem for data that need to be backed up, you need to explore possibilities to solve the problem using cryptography in a mobile environment.

Your main focus is set on researching similar solutions and proposing a solution in detail.

Deadline: Monday 19th March at 4pm

Submission is to be completed electronically on the student portal NOT submitted to the Faculty Office!

Assessment criteria:

This assignment is worth 60% of the module mark (where 5% is awarded for regular contributions during the project and 55% for your individual report submission).

Report Assessment Criteria:

The 100% of this report will be mapped to 55% of the final overall mark.

Introduction (5%)

Has the topic been justified by showing its importance?
Has it been followed by a brief introduction into the topic?
Has the purpose and context of the report been presented?

Research mobile backup solutions (30%)

Have you listed and explained the typical requirements for a mobile backup solution? Use Use Cases to identify them.
What are typical solutions on the market? Have you compared them using your requirements as criteria? Use a table for it. What are your conclusions regarding the existing solutions? Could you add any additional requirements for your app?
What are the cryptographic methods used?

Proposed solution (30%)

Has the solution been presented in a concept?
Did you describe the security concept?
What are the cryptographic means that will be used? What role do they have?
How is everything integrated?

Analysis and Discussion (10%)

Have you addressed known security and cryptography issues relevant to this application type? Have you discussed advantages vs. disadvantages in this context?
Make sure evidence of consideration and understanding of the issue go beyond the mere presentation of information from other sources to reveal opinions on the basis of the background case.

Implementation Aspects (10%)

Have you presented how selected parts of your security concept will be implemented? E.g. you could show how a key is generated or how data in encrypted/decrypted using a certain cryptographic mechanism.
Make sure you explain the code you use!

Conclusions (5%)

Having presented all of the material, does the report reach clear conclusions?
Have future tendencies been mentioned?

Presentation and Structure (5%)

Is the material integrated and easy to follow, or does it feel like several segments bolted together in an arbitrary order?
Is the format consistent, or do different elements appear to have originated from different authors?
Has the report made good use of figures, tables, etc. to support the main text?

References and Supporting Evidence (5%)

Does the report cite appropriate, authoritative literature to support its claims?
Do references include a suitable level of bibliographic detail to enable the source to be located (e.g. Harvard style referencing)?
Is relevant supporting material provided in appendices?

Important: It is not acceptable for you to simply cut and paste material from other sources (small quotes are acceptable, but they must be clearly indicated as being quotes and the source must be referenced appropriately).

Threshold Criteria (these are indicative only):

To achieve a 3rdclass (40%+), you must discuss the topic, present evidence for statements of fact and answer the majority of the stated requirements.

To achieve a 2.2 (50%+), you must consider a number of the issues presented in the assignment brief and draw upon evidence from a range of sources with evaluation/discussion.

To achieve a 2.1 (60%+), you must consider all issues presented in the assignment brief and draw upon a good range of evidence with clear evidence of analysis and discussion.

To achieve a 1st (70%+), you must conduct a thorough review of the topic, drawing on a wide range of academically credible sources. You must demonstrate an understanding of the domain, be able to clearly analyse the approaches and draw logical and coherent conclusions.

Ingo Stengel, January 2015


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