Requirements for a Functional MIS System

Requirements for a Functional MIS System
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Although she does not report to you, you have already begun a series of discussions with the company’s Management Information Systems Director. She has explained to you that she had not received good, consistent direction from her prior boss, the former CFO, in terms of setting up a good computerized, integrated MIS. Instead, she and her department had just created a hodgepodge of reports, which the users would spend endless time trying to reconcile, rather than spend their valuable time analyzing the reports results. In addition, the new CEO indicated that the company would be engaging in much more e-business than in the past, both with their vendors and customers.

You decide to prepare a specific list of requirements for the CEO so that if she agrees to overhaul the existing hodgepodge and create a truly functional MIS system, you are prepared.

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Create a report of 400–500 words with thefollowing sections:

a description of the objectives of an MIS system
at least 4 different elements of the system
why the reports should be integrated, using the very same data
what kinds of data different user groups would likely require
what system features will be needed specifically to address e-business needs


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