Question 11. 11. A graphical solution is limited to linear programming problems with: (Points : 5) 1 decision variable. 2 decision variables. 3 decision variables. 4 decision variables.

Question 11. 11. A graphical solution is limited to linear programming problems with: (Points : 5)

1 decision variable.

2 decision variables.

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3 decision variables.

4 decision variables.

Question 12. 12. The term refers to testing how a problem solution reacts to changes in one or more of the model parameters. (Points : 5)

Priority recognition

Decision analysis

Analysis of variance

Sensitivity analysis

Question 13. 13. Which of the list of items below is not a component of a linear programming problem? (Points : 5)


Objective function

Decision variables

Nonlinear residual

Question 14. 14. Types of integer programming models are ________. (Points : 5)




all of the above

Question 15. 15. If we are solving a 0-1 integer programming problem, the constraint x1 + x2 = 1 is a ________ constraint. (Points : 5)


mutually exclusive



Question 16. 16. The $75 per credit hour course fee tacked on to all the MBA classes has generated a windfall of $56,250 in its first semester.“Now we just need to make sure we spend it all,” the Assistant Dean cackled. She charged the Graduate Curriculum Committee with generating a shopping list before their next meeting. Four months later, the chairman of the committee distributed the following. As the professor for the quantitative modeling course, he tended to think in terms of decision variables, so he added the left-most column for ease of use.


Variable Item Cost Note

A iPads for everybody $750/unit Must get a cover if these are purchased

B iPad covers with MBA logo $25/unit Not needed unless we buy iPads

C Speaker series $15,000 Can’t afford both this and the iPads

D Subscriptions to the Wall

Street Journal $10/unit Don’t need if we have the electronic version

E Subscriptions to the electronic

version of the Wall Street

Journal $5/unit Worthless without the iPads

Which of the following constraints best describes the relationship between the electronic Wall Street Journal subscription and the iPads? (Points : 5)

E + A = 0

E + A = 1

E – A ≤ 0

E – A ≤ 1

Question 17. 17. A work breakdown structure breaks down a project into: (Points : 5)





Question 18. 18. Cully Furniture buys two products for resale: big shelves (B) and medium shelves (M). Each big shelf costs $500 and requires 100 cubic feet of storage space, and each medium shelf costs $300 and requires 90 cubic feet of storage space. The company has $75,000 to invest in shelves this week, and the warehouse has 18,000 cubic feet available for storage. Profit for each big shelf is $300 and for each medium shelf is $150. If the furniture company purchases no big shelves and 200 medium shelves, which of the two resources will be completely used (at capacity)? (Points : 5)

Investment money only

Storage space only

Investment money and storage space

Neither investment money nor storage space

Question 19. 19. A linear programming model consists of: (Points : 5)

decision variables.

an objective function.


all of the above

Question 20. 20. If a maximization linear programming problem consists of all less-than-or-equal-to constraints with all positive coefficients and the objective function consists of all positive objective function coefficients, then rounding down the linear programming optimal solution values of the decision variables will ________ result in a(n) ________ solution to the integer linear programming problem. (Points : 5)

always; optimal

always; non-optimal

never; non-optimal

sometimes; optimal


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