Proposal for a Secure Network Architecture

Information Systems
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• Proposal for a Secure Network Architecture
You have been hired by an international coffee and tea retailer with hundreds of shops around the world. This organization, like most in the industry, is known for providing high-end coffees, teas, and snacks in a café setting frequented by neighbors and business people in search of an Internet connection. This organization has a corporate headquarters located in Seattle, Washington. Your task is to recommend a network architecture that will be optimal for the organization to implement in order to offer secure public wireless in each location in a consistent, cost-effective, and secure manner. Engage in research to explore the available alternatives that would fit these criteria as well as apply the information from the required study materials.

Write a 2-3 page paper that covers the following topics:
• Describe the alternative architectures that would be appropriate to meet the objectives of the project.
• Analyze the pros and cons of each alternative architecture.
• Determine the security implications of each alternative architecture.
• Recommend an architecture that is optimal for implementation by this coffee and tea retailer
• Provide support for your recommendations.

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