plan a project following PMBOK guidelines.

Business Studies
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Project Management Components
This is a project and, as such, you will plan it as a project following PMBOK guidelines. Answer the following questions about the PM components and Alternative PM Methodologies
There are items due in 4 areas:
1) Initiate,
2) Plan: Scope and Quality,
3)Plan: Time, cost, risk, and schedule,
3) Launch, Execute and lead, and
4) Control and Close. You can work on it in three ways.
The minimum requirements for the presentation are:
1. APA format if written.
2. References and citations provided in some manner if not written.
3. Be evidence-based in at least some way. Any research studies? Anyone test the tools? Are the places you found your information reputable?
4. Be about one or more subtopics within the practice of quality methods, systems, and or tools.
5. Provide something – a tool, a checklist, or similar – that the person reading or watching can use to apply one or more concepts included in the presentation.
6. Include some sort of test about the content. It could be a multiple choice test or an application of the knowledge in some way.
7. As always, must use Standard English grammar and syntax.


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