personal questions 1

4. Do you think it undermines religion to suggest that if you are living life well, you do not need to look to some other life for a reward – that life itself should be the reward?

5. In what ways do you belong to people?

6. Kushner writes about becoming less to become more and that becoming less means giving up “the dream.” What dream have you had about your life that you have had or may have to give up?

7. What do you think makes a life significant?

8. How do you deal with your own good fortune amidst all the sorrow and suffering that exists in the world?

9. Do you think Schweitzer is correct when he writes, “The lot of most people is to have a job, to earn a living, and to assume for themselves a place in society through some kind of nonfulfilling labor”? Why or why not?

10. How do you feel needed? What makes you think your life matters? How do you know you count? Your paper should be 500 words and double-spaced. APA strict format and cite all sources for this question it is an essay paper


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