Assignment:Pick one of the feature length films we have viewed this term and compare it to another film in the same genre. For example: 8 1/2 with Cleo 5 to 7.

  • How do both films fit the tropes (or stereotypes) of the genre? Or, how do they not use the tropes/what is different?
  • How are the films similar/different? Use vocabulary from the chapters.
  • Which film does a more effective job presenting its story? Why?
  • Pick specific scenes to prove your position (you must include what time the scene appears on screen or an estimate).

Using your notes from class, textbook and 1 outside sources write a FORMAL argument supporting your position.

You must use at least 1 outside sources to support your position. (These sources can be imdb, movie reviews, or library sources).

Double space, MLA format, Works Cited page

Remember to use the proper MLA header (name, class, etc.). This is FORMAL: no I, We, Me, You, Us, or contractions.

You will also be graded on punctuation and formatting. 100 points.


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