Explain what ratio analysis is to your classmates.

Business Finance – Accounting
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  1. Explain what ratio analysis is to your classmates. The following information should be included in your post.
    • What do you find most difficult about ratio analysis?
    • How is understanding ratio analysis beneficial to you as a manager?
    • How is ratio analysis beneficial to you as an investor?
    • What, in your opinion, are the two most important ratio analyses? Why?
    • Who are the users of ratio analysis?
    • What is the importance of ethics as it would be applied to ratio analysis?
  2. The purpose of this assignment is to build understanding of various issues facing business and society today.
    This assignment will require some research. Through this research the student will:
    Learn the background history of the chosen topic,
    Discover why this topic is controversial,
    Explain both sides of the controversy, and
    Develop an opinion

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