Explain the five different networking elements creating a connected world.

Management Information Systems
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Read chapter 7-8-9 and answer one question of each chapter. The questions are below and will also be sent via email

1. Explain the five different networking elements creating a connected world.
2. You need to understand how the Internet works? How does email go from the
Empire State College to Boston University? Or how does a web page go from client
to server back to client?
Go to https://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet-infrastructure.htm for an overview of
how the Internet infrastructure works. There are some great diagrams and easy to
understand explanations. Write what was the most interesting you have learned and what
was the most surprising for you?
3. Research the Internet to find the reasons why people are required to turn off their
cell phones when they are on an airplane.
4. Develop a completely mobile and wireless class for the future. Take into
consideration the following:
How would lectures be given?·
How would questions be asked and answered?·
How would assignments be given and collected?·
How would group projects be performed?·
How would students separate work and nonwork time?·
How would exams be administered?·
Would this type of class be better or worse than a traditional class?·
Chapter 8
5. Describe supply chain management along with its associated benefits and
6. Describe customer relationship management along with its associated benefits and
Management Information Systems Assignment 3 Renata Kochut
7. Organizations can find their most valuable customers through “RFM” – Recency,
Frequency, and Monetary value
How recently a customer purchased items (Recency)·
How frequently a customer purchased items (Frequency)·
How much a customer spends on each purchase (Monetary Value)·
Form a CRM strategy for a new company that provides online tutoring. The strategy should
address how to gain new customers and how to keep existing customers.
Chapter 9
8. Describe the seven phases of the systems development life cycle.
9. Explain project management and identify the primary reasons projects fail.
10. There are many issues and obstacles to outsourcing such as time zone differences
and accents. Research the Internet to find examples of companies that have
experience issues with outsourcing and problems they have.
There is also a great video by Thomas Friedman on his famous book The World is Flat.
The video can be found at https://video.mit.edu/watch/the-world-is-flat-30-9321/. The
video lasts around 40 minutes.
11. The article below explains how the recession is impacting outsourcing and the top
Read the article and answer the following questions:
– What impact will outsourcing have on your career path?
– What can you do to compete in an outsourced industry or flat world?
– As a business leader what concerns do you have about outsourcing to these countries
and what can you do to alleviate these concerns?

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