environment culture ethics and social responsibility

1. which of the external environmental factors are most likely to impact the organizational-you and the managerial-you? Why? What are the implications of those impacts? Think, in particular, about the technological, natural, sociocultural, economic, legal/political, and international environment.

2. what is your organizational-you’s culture? What is the significance of your culture? How and to what extent do you think critically about it and maybe even challenge it? What is necessary to manage it?

3.How and to what extent must you be conscious of managing in a global environment? Why? What are the implications of your global environment?

4. What is your framework for ethical decision-making? What are the strengths and weaknesses of that framework? How and to what extent do you think critically about your inherited framework for decision-making? What must you do to overcome or cope with the weaknesses?

5.How and to what extent are you socially responsible? How and to what extent to do you think critically about issues of social responsibility? What are the implications of views and decisions regarding social responsibility?

6.What is the primary take-away from your assessment of the environment, culture, ethics, and social responsibility relative to both your organizational-you and your managerial-you? What is your summary, synthesis, and outlook regarding component?

Note: requirement is that you must illustrate your understanding in a personal way, a way in which you are both the organization and the manager of the organization.


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