discussion regarding assignment 1 use this area to ask for assistance please do not give away answers but use this as a tool to work with each other in the course

Discussion regarding Assignment 1 – use this area to ASK for assistance. Please do not give away answers, but use this as a tool to work with each other in the course.–I need discussion in APA format

And i need answers for these 4 questions

1.What are the key components of the architecture American Express has created?

2.Why was it important to standardize so much of the architecture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a standard EA for American Express?

3.Describe how the new architecture supports the goals and strategy of American Express.

4.What types of future payment products and services should be anticipated and prepared for by the EA group? What is your vision of how payments might work? If you were advising the CIO of American Express, what would you suggest his group prepare for?


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