discussion bored questions 3

International and Humanitarian Disaster Management.

Week 7 – Public Health Tools: Epidemiological Studies, Surveillance, and Monitoring

Teaching Points

This is a short video that provides a nice over of epidemiological studies.

Another short video on public health surveillance.


Kapur and Smith – Chapter 9 Epidemiological Studies, Chapter 10 Surveillance and Monitoring

Discussion Bored Questions

1. Evidence is a key component in identifying trends and changing practice especially in the public health field. Choose a public health topic that you are especially passionate about. (e.g. water and sanitation, vaccinations, infectious disease, etc.) Discuss how studies/research support your views (for or against).

2. Choose a recent international or humanitarian disaster.What public health issues were associated with this incident? How would you manage these issues?

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.

– Use your thoughts on answer.

– It is not enough to simply quote others work. I am interested in reading your thoughts on the topic.

– 3 references at least.

– Examples of answers (attached).


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