Discuss the personal and social impact of the neurological disorder resulting in chronic illness on the patient and their family.


PORTFOLIO ACTIVITYLength: 650 wordsDue date:
Note: To answer this Assignment should be written as an essay style (introduction, body and conclusion)
Consider this week’s topic in relation to your own practice area, respond to the following question.Select one of the disorders discussed this week and:·         Briefly outline the prevalence of chronic neurological disorder from an Australian perspective.·         Discuss the personal and social impact of the neurological disorder resulting in chronic illness on the patient and their family.

·         Discuss the role nurses have in the care of patients and their family with chronic illness from acquired brain injury.


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This activity is 650 words. Support your response with literature from this study guide topic and other contemporary peer reviewed journal articles.



Number of references: at least five less than 10 years old from Adelaide university (library site). The references should be all articles.

Marking Guide – Portfolio


Structure and Writing Style 20%
Structure (20%)•       Introduces/outlines/situates the activity/discussion•       Each section of the portfolio is structured in a logical sequence so that the content flows (headings may be used to develop the structure of the portfolio)•                     Each section of the portfolio ends with a cogent, defendable conclusion that summarises the discussion.
Content 70
•       Demonstrates an understanding of the activities/discussions chosen by identifying the main components/issues/focus of the topic area•       Provides evidence from contemporary literature to support argument/points of view•       Has grounded the topic within the clinical area but also includes the broad scope of nursing•       Has provided an activity/discussion point from each week
Referencing 10%
•       The referencing style used throughout the summary paper is congruent with the School Academic Manual•       The reference list is accurate (i.e. no missing page numbers, volumes, correct title etc), complete (i.e. no references in the body of the paper are missing from the reference list) and consistent with the School Academic Manual•       The references cited are contemporary (i.e. less than 10 years old unless seminal papers)•       Primary references are used predominantly (i.e. the original reference has been cited rather than a secondary source)

•       There is evidence in the summary paper that the student has searched widely for information related to the topic/issue

•       The student has acknowledged all sources of information

•       Direct quotations are correctly used to only make crucial points or to support the discussion/argument


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