Discuss the inter-relationship of the various subsystems into the overall policing system on the whole.

Criminal Justice
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Answer each question with 300 word minimum
1. Policing is made up of various systems and subsystems in order to maintain the overall goal of order in society. Discuss the inter-relationship of the various subsystems into the overall policing system on the whole.
2. You are the head of a police department that has 100 sworn officers. Over the past 2 years, the investigations unit has taken on the personality that they are the “elite” members of the department. This has created several problems, one of which is the non-sharing of information between the investigations unit and the patrol unit. It is also rumored that some of the so called “elite” members may be involved in unethical behavior. Discuss various ways you can effectively eliminate this problem permanently.
3. The importance of dealing with and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace cannot be stressed enough. How critical is it for a first-line supervisor to be aware of and make attempts to stop sexual harassment? What proactive steps can supervisors take to combat sexual harassment?
4. Police agencies across the United States are being called upon to manage an increasingly more educated workforce. The educational level of American police officers has risen significantly over the past 20 years. What do you think are the advantages of a more educated police workforce? What do you feel should be the minimum educational level of a police officer? Why do you feel this way?
5. Police departments have historically been dominated by working class, white, males. In this week’s Seminar, you will discuss why police have been so reluctant to accept minorities, including African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and LGBT officers. Also, you will discuss if police managers and supervisors (as change agents) should try to build a more representative and inclusive work force.
6. The policing systems in society are part of a much larger system, both in the communities they serve and in society as a whole. This Seminar discusses how the police systems are part of a larger system and the role that they play.


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