Discuss the elements of the case that relate to human rights.

Australia human services case Study Report
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SELECTED CASE STUDY: Write a summary of your selected case study to provide a background of the case. This can be written similarly to the case study information provided to you, however, you may need to consider your word count and that an even briefer summary may be optimal.

A) Human Rights
Discuss the elements of the case that relate to human rights. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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Are there are any articles listed within these documents that are relevant to your selected case study?

B) Ethical Dimensions
Discuss the elements of the case that relate to ethics.

Are you able to identify an ethical dilemma? If so, can you identify the two conflicting alternatives? Or the conflicting principles e.g client self-determination versus confidentiality (example)

Does confidentiality need to be considered?

Are there issues around gaining consent to exchange information?

Is there a relevant section in the code that is applicable to your case study?

C) Theoretical Approaches
Consider the theory that you have learnt about in this course as well as other courses (if applicable) what theoretical approaches could be applied to inform your assessment and intervention?

For example Systems theory addresses the significance of relationships and how identifying inter-connections can assist us to understand how people influence each other (Chenoweth & McAuliffe, 2015). Persons identified within the microsystem can be drawn upon as avenues of support to a client.

D) Exploration of possible interventions
Consider what possible interventions would best meet the needs of your client. For example, a client could be referred to Centrelink to apply for a crisis payment or to a financial counsellor to assist with a budget .

You can be specific here e.g After discussing with the client and they have agreed, a referral could be organized to Relationships Australia so counselling may be undertaken to address . (example only)

E) References
Include your reference list here in APA 6 referencing format.

Task: Students will be required to choose ONE of the SIX specified case studies and prepare a report (with headings according to a specified report template) addressing the following aspects of the case study:

human rights and ethical dimensions evident in the case;

theoretical approaches that inform assessment and interventions, and;

possible interventions and organisations/agencies that could serve as points of referral/assistance.


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