Detail the advantages and disadvantages of using a web-based HRIS compared to an internally hosted HRIS

HR Info Systems 8 Essay Questions due in THREE HOURS
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1. (TCO 1) Detail the advantages and disadvantages of using a web-based HRIS compared to an internally hosted HRIS

2. (TCO 2) A company’s business strategy includes rapid growth, including a 50% increase in staff over the next 2 years. Describe/explain how the use of HR technology can support this strategy, as it relates to staffing (including forecasting and tracking)

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3. (TCO 3) Keeping track of employee information has been a laborious task for HR. Through technology, this task has been automated in a variety of ways. Describe how obtaining employee information through technology has now included HR as a strategic partner within the business

4. (TCO 4) Employee self-service (ESS) and management self-service (MSS) have given more control and responsibility to employees and managers, towards managing their own benefits and careers, as well as allowing managers to have easy access to their teams’ information. What might be some employee concerns related to managers having access to these data? Describe the risks for both ESS and MSS.

5. (TCO 5) HRIS systems have allowed HR to automate a variety of functions, including performance management, training, employee development, staffing, compensation, and benefits, among others. Choose two of these HR functions listed, and describe how technology has created a more efficient process for this function. Provide an example of each.

6. (TCO 6) What should be the key considerations for a small but fast-growing organization that wishes to purchase HRIS?

7. (TCO 7) Some of the employee information in your business has been compromised due to unauthorized access to your HRIS system. What process would you create to address this type of scenario? Examine and explain how you might prevent this from reoccurring

8. (TCO 8) Due to technology, HR’s role has changed dramatically from that of support to strategic partner. Describe how technology inclusion has resulted in HR as a strategic partner. Give an example and explain.


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