Describe the role of information systems

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Social media analytics

Answer the following questions

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What are social media analytics? should discuss key elements of the information systems framework for social media analytics and describe at least two current applications or services providing social media analytics.

What are the benefits to consumers and business?

What risks and issues are associated with use (including privacy concerns)?

Give examples of future applications for this information technology.

System and Operations Management

Specialism Topic :
Select one from the following two Options and write 600 word summary topic.

Option: Describe the role of information systems in careers in one of the following areas : Accounting/finance, Human resources, marketing and operations management, and explain how careers in information systems have been affected by new technologies and outsourcing.
Option : Explain the role of human resource management in operations : the discussion should look at the strategic importance of managing people in operations settings . you can use chapter 9, entitled people : jobs and organisation from slack et al.(2014) Operations management the 7th edition as a starting points.


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