Define the subnets (based on rooms, floor, department, or other criteria).

Network Design proposal 2
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Network proposal 2
In this section, address each of the following.
1. Define the subnets (based on rooms, floor, department, or other criteria).
2. For each subnet, explain which devices/groups/users/rooms will be on this subnet, define the network address, subnet mask, and available IP addresses to be used by computers or devices.
3. Show the calculations on how the subnet information are calculated
II. Network Addresses Design
A. Subnetting
Business Needs
Assess the business needs.

Proposed Subnetting (include the calculations)
List the quantity of subnets needed. For each subnet, provide the IP addressing info (network address, broadcast address, range of available IP addresses) and the systems, devices, or equipment that will be on that network. Also provide the calculations on how those IP addressing information are determined.

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Justify your determination that the network address design will meet the business needs(why the design needs to have x number of subnets? What are the implications if they have more or less subnets?)

Develop a proposal to design a network infrastructure based on business needs
This includes:
Comprehensive analysis of the business needs incorporating scholarly references.
Provides comprehensive subnetting information using classless subnetting to minimize wasted address space. All possible subnets accounted for.
Providing complete step-by-step details to show how the subnetting information are calculated.
Follow proper procedures and protocols in completing IT-related tasks.
This includes:
Identify and apply the appropriate software licensing model for the software used in the proposal.
Fully demonstrates the ability to make network administration or Cybersecurity decisions based on best practices and/or standard procedures/protocols
Satisfy standards of writing style and grammatical correctness
This includes:
Using IEEE citation style
Using credible reasoning, appropriate research, and supporting evidence in communication
Synthesizing sources appropriately using paraphrase, summary, and quotation
Satisfying standards of writing style and grammatical correctness, including the use of industry-standard terminology and vocabulary


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