CVS Capstone project

CVS Capstone project
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

– Use a proper grammar and paragraph structure with good and clear thesis statement HIGHLIGHT it please and avoid repetition. – Check the rubric (attached under order instruction) as you are writing the paper, so you meet the paper criteria. – Please be clear and consistent with information that used, avoid vague or fluffy words. – The use academic standard writing is very important in this paper
– Foot-note citation need to be used in this assignment please
The following is instruction for the paper
CAPSTONE PROJECT is about the CVS company
(from 2010-2015)

I. Organizational Profile & History
II. Organizational Vision, Mission, & Goals
III. External Environmental Analysis
(A) Macro Factors
(B) Micro/Industry Factors
(C) Competitive Analysis
(D) EFE Matrix
IV. Internal Environmental Analysis
(A) Analysis of Strategies
1. Corporate Level Strategy
2. Business Level Strategy
3. Functional Level Strategies, resulting in the Value Chain Analysis
(B) Analysis of Implementation Variables
1. Structure
2. Culture
3. Leadership
4. Systems & Processes
(C) Analysis of Control Variables
(D) IFE Matrix
V. SWOT Analysis
VI. Identification of Issues & Problems
VII. Conclusions & Recommendations (Use SWOT Matrix in Recommendations)
VIII. References (Minimum 25) All resources MUST be authoritative or scholars
IX. Appendices

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The graph and images used in the paper does not count as the paper length. The assigned length is for the writing.


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