culture anthropology

In Chapter 5, we learned how race is constructed in Brazil. This is just one example of how race is viewed within a culture out of the thousands of cultures found on our planet. For this assignment, you will research how race is viewed in a culture different from your own. In this case, the sources for your research may vary from traditional library research. Popular racial perceptions are often better encoded in music or art than in official histories or government documents. Anything from movies to music to online blogs can tell you how people perceive race. Please write up your responses to ALL of the following questions, and then bring a copy of your findings to class on the due date for small group discussion.

  1. What system of racial classification did you study? Was the culture you chose impacted by European colonization?
  2. How many “races” are identified?
  3. How do these racial categories compare to the ones on the US Census (See text)?Are there more? Fewer? Who do they include that the US Census does not? Who do they exclude?
  4. What kind of research did you do, or what sources did you examine, to come to this conclusion?
  5. What does this make you think about the biological or genetic validity of racial classifications?

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source everything please just answer the following questions


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