Create a UML class diagram

Data Model
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Create a UML class diagram that models the data for this situation: You are working on the database design that will support PPI’s new order entry system. PPI has many thousands of customers around the world who place and pay for orders. One customer can place an order for many products at a time. Many different customers may order any particular product. Workers at the warehouse keep track of orders while they fulfill and ship them. Customer service representatives should be able to review all of a customer’s orders, whether they are being filled, in transit, or historical. To simplify this analysis, assume that PPI has only one warehouse, that merchandise is always in stock, that every order ships in a single package, and that customers never cancel orders or return products. PPI uses different systems to process customer payments and to manage its inventory. Read the UML Diagram examples and Text 1 (files uploaded).

To create the class diagram, do the following in a Word document:

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1. Identify 5 or more classes. Explain each classes.

2. Identify and describe what relationships exist between classes. Elaborate on the nature of each relationship that you identified.

3. Identify and explain the cardinalities of each relationship—whether the relationship is one to one, one to many, or many to many.

4. Identify and explain the modality of each relationship—whether the relationship always exists between the two entities or is optional, existing only in specific conditions.

5. Save the Word document and upload it.

Then, download the Violet UML diagram editor link: -Start Violet and use it to redraw your class diagram.

1. Create 1 new class diagram by choosing the File > New > Class Diagram command.

2. Add a class box to the class diagram for each class you identified.

3. Add between 2 and 6 relevant attributes to each class box. These should describe the information most important to the order entry and fulfillment process

4. Represent relationships between entities by adding associations between the class boxes.



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