Copy and paste the rubric questions for the body of the paper. You are answering everything, in your own words, written only this semester. Place your answers directly below each question.

Instead of attending an art museum, this semester, you may go online to the Louvre. Pick one sculpture or painting to answer the questions.  Everything must be in your own words, without quotes, and written for this class, this semester. Not counting the questions or the works cited, you will need 400-800 words answering the following information. It may take close to 700-800 words to answer everything.  Use ten paragraphs for each of the following elements, and add a small intro and conclusion. This is the rubric, and you will be graded on how well you answered each point, in your own words, this semester.

The QEP may go over the minimum number of 400 words, and you will be graded with this rubric to see how well you answered each question.

Copy and paste the rubric questions for the body of the paper.  You are answering everything, in your own words, written only this semester.  Place your answers directly below each question.

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There is one question on how other people view this work.  So, you will need to find what others thought of the art, and you may search this.  When you do any search, you will need to add Works Cited or a Bibliography.  But, write their thoughts in your own words.  There should not be any quotes in these papers, this semester.


Elements Criteria Not Evident








Purpose What is the name of the artwork you are analyzing and who is the creator? What is the main idea? Where and when did you view this artwork? By completing this analysis, what do you wish to accomplish?        
Question at Issue Discuss who created the art piece and why it was created.  Discuss what was to be accomplished.        
Assumptions  What or why do you think this artist’s purpose is in creating this art work? Why do you think this?        
Information What historical and societal conditions and situations are influencing or motivating the artist?        
Points of View What do others say about this artist’s specific work?        
Implications and Consequences


Is this work promoting a certain cause or rendering a moral judgment? If so, what is the cause or judgment?        
Concepts Are your points explained and supported in a complete and coherent manner? Are you using correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation?        
Conclusions and Interpretations What are the conclusions?  Did the artist achieve his/her goals?        
Core Values Addresses the core values of personal development, specifically, and demonstrates its relevance to this purpose. Discuss critical thinking? Do you agree with artist? Why?        
Decision Making Is this an artwork of value? Does this artwork convey a message that will be relevant to this and future generations?    
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