Compare and contrast different motivational theories.

Managing Employee Performance
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Managing Employee Performance

Part one : 900 words with a minimum of 6 scholarly references

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You have completed the outline for your Key Assignment (KA) and have received important feedback. You have done a great job on this outline, but you know that you need to integrate this feedback into a formal document requested by senior leadership at Matrix. Your supervisor, Annalise, has told you that this document will be your Key Assignment first draft.
The first guidance that she provides you with is to critically evaluate the feedback that you received and address issues such as the following:
• Address any considerations or feedback regarding your outline for your KA. For example, were there any critical components that were missed in the outline?
• Make grammatical and formatting corrections and address any APA issues.
• Ensure that there are numerous scholarly references.
The second guidance that she provides you with is to ensure that you include information from the past 3 weeks/assignments regarding performance appraisal processes, performance appraisal types, and training needs into your Key Assignment first draft.
The third guidance that she provides you with is to continue with your research and within the Key Assignment first draft to also include the following newly researched information:
• Compare and contrast different motivational theories.
• Explain why motivation is a main concern during the performance appraisal process and how motivational levels can be impacted by this process.
• Evaluate correlations between motivation and the ability to perform.
• Identify strategies that can be used at Matrix for improving individual performance and how can these strategies reduce negative reactions to the performance appraisal process.

Part two: words 1200 minimum of 8 scholarly references
Key Assignment: Final Draft
The senior leaders at Matrix have asked your supervisor, Annalise, Director of Human Resources, to ensure that a formal document regarding your project of developing a new performance appraisal plan is ready in 1 week. What they want to see is all of the research that you have conducted regarding this process. They want to be fully informed and have again spoken about the trust that they have placed in you. This is quite a complement coming from this group.
Annalise speaks to you about this and praises you for following her 3 key guidance points that she provided to you last week. You developed a detailed Key Assignment first draft. You are very motivated by her comments and those of the senior leaders and are ready to complete this project.
Annalise notifies you that what you will now be preparing is your Key Assignment final draft. She states that you need to add some additional researched information to this document as requested by the senior leaders. This additional information must be detailed. This will be added to your previous document and would make your Key Assignment final draft, titled Comprehensive Performance Management Document. You definitely realize the significance of this assignment.
You also acknowledge the fact that the Key Assignment final draft must flow in a logical and coherent structure with a strong introduction and conclusion.
You initiate research on the additional requested information that must include the following:
• Ethical and legal dilemmas associated with “potential bias” within performance appraisal systems
• Court case studies (e.g., Albemarle Paper Co. v. Moody)
• Absence of adverse impact
• Why formal evaluation criteria will ensure a reduction in rater bias and increase legal compliance
Submission of the Comprehensive Performance Management Document:
• Review the entire document for any changes and improvements you would like to make.
• Ensure this final version of the document is sufficiently detailed to fully meet the assignment requirements for each part of the course.


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