case study 1563

After reading the material and thinking about the key concepts, please answer the following questions. The question consists of two parts.

1) Apply the criteria of the Just War Theory to one of the following military actions (use the 10 criteria listed in Wink, p, 132-133 to answer this question):

  • The Iraq war (from either U.S. or Iraqi perspective)
  • The 1990s Gulf War (from the U.N./U.S. perspective)
  • The 1990s Gulf War (from the Iraqi perspective)
  • The post-911 war on Afghanistan (from either the U.S. or the Afghan perspective)
  • The Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation – in this case you are looking at whether the use of violence by the Palestinians in resisting the occupation is justified)

2) Based on your application above, was this action justified, based on the Just War Theory? NOTE: We’re not asking whether you think the war is justified, but whether it’s justified according to the Just War Theory.


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