can you assist me with this writing assignment 1

Below are 20 terms from your studies in this course. Eight of the terms are identified with an asterisk (*).

1) Define each of the twenty terms in your own words. Do not cut and paste reference material. This is more of an open-book test than an essay, so your responses may be brief, but need to be specific, accurate, and in your own words.

2) For the eight terms that have an asterisk (*), in addition to defining the term, also add if you support what the term represents (why or why not?)

Turn in your completed written document with all responses by the due date listed.

Each term you complete is worth up to 5 points, for a total possible 100 points. Your responses will be judged for accuracy and completeness as assessed by the instructor. This is not a difficult assignment, but your answers (in your own words) need to demonstrate your understanding of the curriculum you studied during this course.

The Twenty Terms:

  1. Criminology
  2. Assault
  3. Battery
  4. Deviance
  5. Burglary
  6. Community Policing (*)
  7. Conflict Theory (*)
  8. Felony
  9. Labeling Theory (*)
  10. Restorative Justice (*)
  11. Retribution (*)
  12. Social Control Theory (*)
  13. Social Learning theory (*)
  14. Sociopath
  15. Terrorism
  16. Transnational Crime
  17. Utilitarianism (*)
  18. Voir Dire
  19. White-Collar Crime
  20. Public Order Crimes

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