business law7

Week 7 Assignments

Chapter 31

1. Explain (compare and contrast) the key features, similarities and differences among:

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                C corporation;

                S corporation;

                Limited liability company;

                Sole proprietorship.

2.  Discuss and decide the questions raised in Ridgaway v. Silk, page 769.

3. Discuss and decide the questions raised in BLD Products, LTC. V. Technical Plastics of Oregon, LLC, pages 771-772.

Chapter 32

1. Describe the pros and cons of forming a partnership.

Chapter 33

1. Explain the meaning and role of the following:

 Articles of Incorporation


Registered Agent

Board of Directors

Stock class and series

Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Cumulative voting

Chapter 34

                1.  Discuss and decide the questions raised in Airgas, Inc. v. Air Products and Chemical, Inc., page 854. Write the decision for the court.

                2. Find a case online that illustrates one of the points of Ch. 34. When you answer, please write the exact page of the book that is illustrated by the case.

Week 7 Discussion Board Part II

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Review the Sample Articles, Bylaws, and Partnership Agreement. Select a section or idea of one of these documents that you do not understand. Research it more online and describe your findings. For example: I don’t understand what a quorum is for purposes of corporate voting, so I researched it online and found X. Read other posts for learning purposes. Comment if you wish. 2 points.

Week 7 Discussion Board Part I

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Think of three business concepts – one that would be appropriate for each of: a sole proprietorship, a corporation, and a limited liability company. Explain briefly each concept, and why it would be appropriate to each form of business entity. Example: a tree-trimming business – what would be the best form of business entity and why? A mining operation – what would be the best form of business entity and why? A coffee-shop. Costco. General MOtors. Etc etc.


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