Berkeley Elementary School new information system

Berkeley Elementary School new information system
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Specific Tasks and Deliverable:

Use the background information you have gathered, along with some creative writing based on research you conduct on other private schools, to develop a business profile for Berkeley School.
Create an organization model of Berkeley School’s paid staff. Make sure you include not only the title/position, but the person’s name if known. You must create the chart using Microsoft Visio.
Generate a simple business process model to represent a process of Berkeley Elementary School. The model should include events, processes, and results.
Based on the organization chart that you created, give examples of information or reports that each person or position will need from a business support system. Place this information in a two-column table for easy identification and viewing.
At the conclusion of the preliminary investigation, you will deliver a written summary of the results and deliver a brief presentation to Berkeley School’s administration and probably its executive board. Prepare a list of recommendations that will help make your written and oral communications more effective. Put your list in priority order, starting with what you consider to be the most important suggestions.
Create a list of tasks that need to be completed for the new information system based on the information given in the case. Organize your list by estimating how long it will take to complete each task, and list each task’s predecessor task or tasks
Assign a personal resource (labor) to each task
Using the task list you developed, create a Gantt chart using Microsoft Project.
Create a PERT chart (called a network diagram in Microsoft Project) based on your task list.
Identify the critical path for the project.
List the system requirements with examples for each category. Review the information that you gathered, and assume that you will add your own ideas to achieve more effective outputs, inputs, processes, performance, and controls.
Draw an FDD that shows the main operations described in the fact-finding summary.
Prepare a context diagram for the new system.
Prepare a diagram 0 DFD for the new system.
Prepare a list of data stores and data flows needed for the system. Under each data store, list the data elements required.
Design all the necessary class objects for Berkeley’s new system including attributes and methods
Create an object relationship diagram for the system classes that you identified in Task 15 (above).
Design a use case model for a method in the new system. You will be presenting the system requirements document to Berkeley Elementary. Prepare the written documentation. Your oral and written presentation must include the following tasks:
Provide an overview of the proposed system, including costs and benefits, with an explanation of the various cost-and-benefit types and categories.
Develop a cost-benefit analysis, using payback analysis, ROI, and present value (assume a discount rate of 6 percent).
Provide a brief explanation of the various alternatives that should be investigated if development continues, including in-house development and any other possible strategies.
Design a Web portal with control buttons that lead to system components of your choosing. The design can be done using a Web development tool or Microsoft Visio. Components may include students, staff, classrooms, after-care, payments and any other area you think should be in a working system of your own design.
Design your own(do not use an existing form) a source document that parents would use to register their children for classes.
Suggest at least six types of data validation rules for data entry screens, explain how Berkeley Elementary should use each rule.
Create an ERD for the Berkeley School’s information system with relationship or cardinality notation.
Use realistic, sample data to populate the fields for at least three records in each table.
Design a system architecture for Berkeley Elementary School. Draw the design with Microsoft Visio.
Based on your chosen architecture from task 24, what physical and logical network topology would you recommend for Berkeley School?
Now that you have developed a systems architecture and physical topology for the network, make a list of the hardware that will be required for Berkeley
Write a system design specification document for Berkeley’s new information system.
Compile all your documents and drawings in a single report and submit the report. Make sure to justify all your design decisions with the material you reviewed to produce your annotated bibliographies.
Add a paragraph explaining the ethical implications of your project.

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