an essay using the story in spring snow to discuss how mishima portrayed japan s struggle

Hist 482

An essay using the story in Spring Snow to discuss how Mishima portrayed Japan’s struggle in transformation from a feudal society to a modern state. You must make sure to include the following aspects in your paper:

1. A brief review of the story;

2. How does the novel reflect Japan’s social reality and emotional frustration over the country’s transformation from a traditional society to modernization?

3. What implications do you get from Mishima’s story in terms of Japan’s modernization, social changes & resistance, and cultural traditions in the face of western influence and modernization? Always use some examples from the novel and from class lectures.

4. Briefly comment on the mentality of Yukio Mishima, the author of the book, on his personal view of Japan (of his time) becoming modernized and westernized

5. Identify at least three examples from the novel that can be related to issues in terms of Japanese traditions, western values/challenges, women issue, education, economic development, or/and military expansion, etc.


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