write a short report recommending up-to-date PCs.

Theory Assignment (Coursework 2) (This assignment is for students studying on above named courses only)
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Part 2 (60 marks) Submission date for part 2 is 15th January 2016 or earlier through this module’s Moodle site and turnitin (see page 4 ‘Submission’).
Question 3- (The topics for this question will be completed by week 11 in the lecture)
(a) The ABC Ltd computer sales company under part 1, question 1 (ii), wishes to upgrade its old PCs including its applications software. As a junior consultant, you have been asked to write a short report recommending up-to-date PCs. Your report should include the main hardware specifications, the factors contributing to the speed & power and their suitability. Your report should also include computer software and other hardware components that you would consider to be essential for your recommended new system. (You may need to consult computer supplies catalogues /computer magazines /the Internet for this question.) (10 marks)
(b) In your opinion, what type of information should the company has available, over its Internet, Intranet, and it’s Extranet? Explain. (5 marks) (c) Discuss any data security, consideration for data protection Acts and the software licensing issues that would be relevant to the company’s activities. (10 marks)
(d) If the company decides to move towards using cloud computing for its software applications and storage of data, what are the security issues and how would you combat them? Explain. (5 marks)
(700 words approximately for parts a, b, c & d together) (Total marks for Q3: 30)

Question 4-
Write the lecture summary relating to one of the following Business Systems lectures;
Either Week 5 (Friday 30th October 15) – Topics: How Data is represented in the Computer & Introduction to Computer Hardware
Or Week 8 (Friday 20th November 15) – Topics: Data Communications, Networking & the Internet
Or Week 11 (Friday 11th December 15) – Topics: Data Structure, site licensing, Data Protection and Computer Misuse Acts
(250 words approximately) (10 marks)
Question 5-
(This question relates to Personal Development Planning ‘PDP’ – See seminar hand-out notes from first session)
Using Business Systems module, reflect on your class activities (both lecture and seminar) since the start of this module and identify and briefly explain those activities and knowledge that have helped or will To develop your own thinking and solution to problems with·help you: positive outcomes.
To understand Information Management and Communications related· issues.
To understand the basics of business systems and what they offer.·
To understand the role of spreadsheet applications in businesses.·
To adopt own efficient and effective techniques within a business· environment.
With own personal goals in relation to Excel and PowerPoint· applications software.
To develop an understanding of hardware and software components of a· computer system and the appropriateness of a system in a particular business environment.
To appreciate issues relating to data security, software licensing,· data protection and computer Misuse Acts. (400 words approximately) (20 marks) (Total for Parts 1 & 2: 100 marks)

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Assessment Criteria – Demonstrates knowledge of the relevant aspects of the topics. – Use of an appropriate range of resources (the recommended e-Book, books, journals magazines & the Internet). – Selection of relevant material from these sources. – Employ this material in the answers. – Ability to write clearly (check the spelling and grammar in MS Word. Use English (UK). You should of course proof read your work carefully. – Accurate referencing & bibliography (this should demonstrate that an appropriate range of references have been consulted, credit will be given where the list of references has been extended beyond the module’s reading list.) – The answers should be thoroughly referenced using the Harvard system. (Check LSBU library or the blackboard site for information on Harvard referencing system.)
Submission IMORTANT: You must submit your answers to questions in Part 2 to ‘turnitin’ through this module’s Moodle site under ‘BA Business & BSc Economics’. Instructions on how to use ‘turnitin’ and how to submit your work electronically are included within the site.
Notes for Guidance
To help you to answer the questions please check lecture notes, the· e-Book, the recommended theory book (and see also the reading list in the module guide), related journals, e-journals and magazines.
Note that there is no unique right answer to any of the questions, so· use your own expertise and research to answer them as best as you can.
Try to stay within the number of words specified for each question.· (There is no penalty if you are just under or over the specified number of words.)


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