Who is the competition? What strategies might be planned to overcome this named competition? How might the food, pricing, ambiance, and services compare?

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Though the marketing strategy is thorough enough and the target market should be defined, the competitive challenges likely to be faced by the business still need to be addressed within a comprehensive business plan. Who is the competition? What strategies might be planned to overcome this named competition? How might the food, pricing, ambiance, and services compare? This quantitative information will be needed to secure outside investors as well as predictably forecast future success for a concept. It might also be understood that providing the comparative qualities of the competition into a single table format that also included Eco-mental Organic Restaurant might make it easier to absorb the consolidated information.

Restaurant is located in Sydney, Australia
Marketing Strategy
The success of Eco-Mental Organic Restaurant will be attained by offering quality food, providing excellent services and using an aggressive marketing plan to establish a broad customer base. Admittedly, the contemporary market requires going beyond service and food to make the restaurant successful (Bolten, Kennerknecht, & Spiller, 2009). The restaurant will continually strive to unreservedly attract more customers by being proactive in its marketing efforts. The management will attempt to establish and maintain a positive, attractive image for the restaurant. Realistically, this image will steadily be depicted throughout all sales promotions and marketing channels. The following demonstrates some of the strategies the restaurant will employ to drive extra sales.
Customer Database
Eco-Mental Organic Restaurant will aggressively seek to establish a database for its visitors. Visitors will have a chance to be included in the database to have the perfect opportunity to take part in the restaurant’s promotions such as anniversary or birthday cards and regular diner program. The database will be collected and maintained using a system yet to be adopted. Assuredly, the restaurant will respect its guest privacy by secretly safeguarding personal information it collects.
Frequent Dinner
The marketing plan for the restaurant will encompass an active regular dinner program that will enable it to reward its visitors for their constant patronage. Primarily, the restaurant anticipates adopting a regular dinner program as a component of its Point on Sale (POS) system. Most of the primary POS systems contain this feature. As such, the management team will critically evaluate each program to come up with a comprehensive decision on the most efficient system that fulfills the requirements to make the restaurant successful.
Email Campaign
The restaurant anticipates capitalizing on its customer database through implementing an efficient email marketing strategy. It will give its clients the option to get email communication from the organization. Undoubtedly, the privacy of the customers will be safeguarded, and the restaurant will not email the clients without their permission. The restaurant’s email marketing approach will entail awareness not to flood the organization’s visitors with email. As matters of fact, the promotional content will be established with the prime goal of quantity versus enticement.
In most cases, the restaurant will use advertisement as a way of promoting its services and products. Eco-Mental Organic Restaurant will make ads in newspapers, table tents, and brochures. It will also have in place in-house tour for clients. Purposefully, the restaurant will occasionally use local media to reach out a broad base of customers. Mostly, the use of brochures and table tents are viewed as the least expensive but are unlikely to reach out to a large audience (Gad Mohsen, & Dacko, 2013). Primarily, these promotions will aim at allowing the customers understand the type of services the restaurant offers and distinguish the restaurants with other food outlets within the city. Besides advertisements, the management will exhibit the restaurant’s logo on business cards and letterhead.

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Typically, the prices of food are determined by many factors (Bolten, Kennerknecht, & Spiller, 2009). Essentially, the price will vary depending on the season, time of the day, as well as, the composition of the food. For instances, the meals offered during lunch hours will be priced low compared to those of the same form during evening hours. Ultimately, this will be carried out to attract more clients during lunch time. On the same note, the prices will be increased during celebratory seasons since there will be many clients visiting the restaurant compared to other non-celebratory seasons. Truly, customers at Eco-Mental Organic Restaurant do not indeed make their buying decisions according to price rather on the quality of the services and products offered (Gad Mohsen, & Dacko, 2013). As such, to efficiently adopt the pricing tactic, the restaurant will be compelled to provide other services to clients including entertainment, as well as, a friendly and clean environment.
Public Relations
The general manager will have the sole responsibility for creating positive public relations for Eco-Mental Restaurant. The possible solutions for improving the restaurant’s public image entail recruiting a public relation consultant. Primarily, possible publicity chances involve press releases, promotion of charitable activities, as well as, the columnist reviews. The restaurant will also give much consideration to its community, as well as, charity involvement with public relations chances.


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