When are you a leader and when are you a follower?

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Dear Writer 355342,
Hello! I want to mention first that I WON’T accept any writer doing this journals EXCEPT my preferred writer 355342. Dear writer this is the assignment of JPURNAL that we have been talking about for long time.
Journal / Reflection: There is a journal that you will add to each week with your personal, candid reflections on the material and how you operationalize various elements. This will be due at week eleven. This is a significant activity and if done well, will assist you in building the reflective aspect of your portfolio as well as work towards your AEM/CEM application material. This requires critically thinking about your strengths, weaknesses and ways to create a learning plan.
– (VERY IMPORTANT): I hope please to remember that this assignments is NOT just six questions to be answered BUT is a journal and for sure you know what journal means. It is an academic journal that use my own life and connect it to these questions which should be GUIDED BY the course materials and references AND the other references that talk about the materials of this course. I WILL UPLOAD TWO FILES WHICH ARE MY CV AND SOME INFORMATION ABOUT MY REAL LIFE HERE IN PHILADELPHIA, PA, because what I know about journals, even academic journals, is that it needs to be connected to your own life.
– I will offer here the course information AND the references of it:
– Course Name: Organizational Management & Communication in Disasters
Course Description: DMM 631 Organizational Management and Communication in Disasters (3-0-3):
This course introduces students to theories of organizational dynamics and management as it pertains to crisis and disaster situations. The course also explores communication within the organization, with external agencies, and with the public and media during and after disaster events.
1. Textbooks: Larson C.E. & LaFasto, F. M. (1989). Teamwork: What Must Go Right/What Can Go Wrong. Newbury Park, CA: SAGE Series in Interpersonal Communication.
2. Coppola D.P. & Maloney, E.K. (2009) Communicating Emergency Preparedness. New York: CRC Press.
3. Walker, D.C. (2012). Mass Notification and Crisis Communications: Planning, Preparedness and Systems. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press
4. Ciottone, G. (2006). Disaster Medicine. Philadelphia: Mosby Elsevier. (online in PhilaU Library through MD Consult)
5. NIMS and NRP information

Journal assignment – Open a word document and Begin notes on personal reflection of your communication abilities. Critical analysis and personal reflection are key to continuing not just your knowledge development but your personal abilities. This assignment continues throughout the term with periodic questions asked. It is to be submitted week 11. For now, begin a journal with your personal assessments of yourself and then add to the journal as we proceed. This is an ongoing activity this term so save it and add to it each time a question is posed to you. To begin: Journal questions:
1) When are you a leader and when are you a follower? How do you use your skills differently in each situation?
2) Are you effective? (This gets to the heart of reflective journal skills – being honest and candid about your success and failures. Remember we learn from what doesn’t work as well as what does.
3) How does the culture you expect differ from the situations you have found yourself in? In other words, you live and work in a certain organization and environment – what happens when you are suddenly placed in a different group and environment? How do you adapt to different organizational cultural expectations?
4) add to the work you have already written. Begin to challenge your internal theories and preferences for how you make sense or bring order out of chaos. How do you deal with complexity? When does it overwhelm? How do you re-group and make decisions on your next action? Make choices? Communicate? Begin to develop an action plan to move you forward on your learning curve. Identify what experiences you need to practice and refine a skill.
5) Based on weeks 1-7, add to the work you have already written. What are your challenges in communication? Think through this in some detail and reflect on your personal strengths and areas to improve. Do you really hear the message the person is saying? Do you say clearly the message you are trying to convey? What gets in your way?
6) As you get ready to submit the journal from the term, read it over. Are there areas you can see growth in already? Make sure it includes your growth plan before you click submit.

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NOW, please also remember that these questions were originally distributed over this term and the idea from the professor was to send one or two questions every three weeks until these questions have been completed at 6 questions.
Please do your best to get the full mark of this journals.


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